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We thought we would share with you a few Scotts secrets behind our fish & chips…


We only buy Prime Icelandic fish, from MSC certified sustainable fishing grounds. The fish are large, 16 – 32oz.

We then cut to portion size onsite, which ensures we have a thick, flaky fillet on your plate.

We have several portion sizes on our menu, from the Giant Moby Dick 13/14oz, down to the Golden Years 4oz and each fillet is weighed to ensure correct portion size.

The result is a thick, juicy, flaky fillet covered in thin crispy batter – absolutely delicious!


An exact recipe, timings and Cap’n Scott’s secret ingredient are key to our batter!!

Simply made of water, flour and our secret ingredient. The water must be cold 3°c and all ingredients mixed for 3 minutes.

We then use a flow cup to measure the viscosity (thickness of the mix). We want it to be flowing, but not too runny or too thick.

This is crucial to ensure only the right amount of batter is on the fish… Not too much, not too little – just that perfect amount!!!

The batter bucket is then held in the fridge at 6°c until needed. When needed it is transferred to a batter tray on the frying range.



All our chips are freshly prepared and we have two frying pans on our high-efficiency range. One on the left is at 150°c and the one on the right is at 175°c.

? The chips are placed in the first pan, in baskets and blanched for 4 mins. There are timers fitted within the frying range.

? The baskets are lifted, shaken and then placed in the other pan and fried for 2 minutes at 175°c.

This ensures a crisp outside and a soft, fluffy inside to each and every chip.

When ready, they are transferred into a central hot box, ready for serving.


Our high-efficiency range has 4 x pans, each digitally controlled.

There is a built-in filter system to filter the oil regularly. It is crucial the oil, which is beef dripping/lard, is kept clean. This is a major factor on the final taste.
And we have a completely separate pan for veg oil in our kitchen.

We filter and regularly change the oil, to maintain the highest quality.

The fillet is dipped into a rice flour first to assist the batter sticking. Then dipped into a batter tray, ensuring the fish is completely covered. Any excess batter is allowed to drip back into the tray and the fish goes straight into the pan at 175°c. It is cooked for 4 mins.

The result is a thin, crispy batter on a thick, flaky fish fillet – absolutely lovely


Each fish fillet is cooked to order, again this ensures fresh, high quality on the plate.

After 4 minutes, the experienced Chef fryers will hand test the fish and trainees use a temperature probe.

When ready the battered fish is then placed in a hot box, placed on its side to drain off any excess oil from the pan, ready for serving.

It is plated, with chips, sides, a sprig of parsley and a slice of lemon.

Served with a big Scotts smile of course…